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A) Activities

  • Guest Lecture
  • Quiz Competition
  • Surprise Test
  • Group Discussion
  • Unit Test
  • Library Visit
  • Wall Paper
  • Reader’s Club Activity

B)Department Activity





Chief Guest/Resource Person/s


1 Webinar Physical and Mental Health Dr. Mahendra Kadam Patil and Dr. Kalidas Patil 2019


1 Workshop World Mental Health Day Prof. Shivaram Mestri 10th Oct 2022
2 Reader’s Club Reader’s Club Activity by students Mrs. Sonali Sangole 25th March 2023


  • Three month’s Personality Development Course designed Shivaji University, Kolhapur


  • We have experience and qualified staff focusing on student’s personality, soft skill and study skill development.


  • We do not have Psychology Department for the last year of graduation


  • There are lots of opportunities to engage society through awareness programme, Mental Health, Anger Management and so on.


  • There is lack of awareness in Government and Society about psychology subject due to this we are facing many mental and physical mental issues


Name:Mr. Somnath Manikrao Patil

Qualification: M.A. , SET Psychology

Experience: 3 years




Name:Dr. Swati Vasant Morkar

Qualification: M.A. , Ph D Psychology

Experience: 5 years

Department Awards

Psychology Department Scholar Students got Scholarship/ Award

Academic Year Sr. No. Students Name Class Awards
2018-2019 1 More Pooja Arun BA Part I Sou. Dhonubai Tanaji Magar

First Prize

2 Kolekar Sunita Manikrao BA Part II Shrimati. Hausabai Nivrutti Yadav

First Prize

2021-2022 1 Patil Minal Pralhad BA Part I Sou. Dhonubai Tanaji Magar

First Prize

2 Kolape Suraj Subhash BA Part II Shrimati. Hausabai Nivrutti Yadav

First Prize

Best Practices

Title: Counseling center for a Student.


  1. To improve mental wellbeing and help students to deal with issues in their lives.

  2. Counseling help to improve confidence and the ability to manage stress.

  3. To developed learning skills among the students.

  4. To make positive way of thinking to face the examinations.

The Context:

In college student most of the students are from Teenage group. All Psychologists knows that this period is a transformation period in their life, so they tackle most of daily life struggling situation so first aim is counseling to make realization that student of their Physical, Emotional and social changes in their due to this transforming period. Also they are facing Educational problems so they need counseling regarding it.

The Practice:

We have been running our counseling center by qualified professional Teachers, they are best in their filed. So student always like to communicate with our counselors. We have limited Standardize Psychological Test for administration on students.

Evidence of Success:

After counseling we take follow up from these students after some days. So we can understand they are on their right track or not. If we feel they need more assistance we provide it. Some students capable to speak without restriction present their self and speak confidently in any seminar/conference. Student decides their Goals and Ambitions.

Problem encountered and Recourses Required:

At initial stage we take Personal Inquiry form fill students so we can get idea about their problems. After getting their problem we arrange some Sessions for it. During session we apply Psychotherapies and Techniques as per requirement like REBT, CBT, Realistic Therapy, Personal Counseling, Systematic Desensitization, Token Economy etc.

Future plans

  • To establish a Psychology Department (a division for 3rd year) in college

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