A) Activity:

  • Guest Lecture

  • Library Visit

  • Unit Test

  • Surprise Test

  • Group Discussion

  • Student’s Seminar

  • Group Project

  • Wallpaper Presentation

  • Lead College Workshops

  • Study Tour

  • Film Screening

B) Department Activity:



Activity Topic Chief Guest/Resource Person/s Date
1 Wallpaper  Life and work of Krantisinh Nana Patil Prin. Dr. J. S. Patil 28/08/2018
2 Wallpaper  Fort Vasantgad and Fort Ajinkyatara Dr.Avnish Patil

Dept.of history.

Shivaji University Kolhapur

3 Certificate Course A study of forts in Satara district Dr.Avnish Patil

Dept. of history.

Shivaji University Kolhapur

45 Days
4 Guest Lecture New Trends in History Dr. Avnish Patil

Dept.of History

Shivaji University Kolhapur

Sr. No. Activity Topic Chief Guest/Resource Person/s Date
1 Certificate Course A Study of forts in Satara district - 45 Days
2 Guest lecture Shivaji’s Agra to Rajgad Travelogue   Shri. K. N. Desai 14/10/2019
3 Wallpaper Mahatma Gandhi’s 150 Birth Anniversary  Dr. S. V. Shelake 3/10/2019
4 Guest Lecture Non-cooperation Movement in Maharashtra Dr.Ajitkumar Jadhav

Dr. Sumit Yadhav

19 /03/ 2020


Activity Topic Chief Guest/Resource Person/s Date
1 Guest lecture While explaining to Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Prof Dr. Kapil Rajhans  26/06/2021


Activity Topic Chief Guest/Resource Person/s Date
1 Value Added Course  Cultural Heritage of Maharashtra - 3 Months
2 Guest lecture Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and  Indian Constituion  Prof. Azaruddin patel 12/04/2022
3 Guest lecture Rajshree Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj: Life and Work  Dr. Abhay Patil  6/05/2022
4 Guest Lecture Chh .Shivaji Maharaj Coronation Ceremony Asst. Professor Sachin Bolaikar 6/06/2022


Activity Topic Chief Guest/Resource Person/s Date
1 Wallpaper Presentation   Vijay Diwas Principal  Capt. 

Dr. Mahesh Gaikwad

2 A Certificate Course   Introduction of MoDi Script Mr. Mansing Kumthekar 3 Months
3 Guest lecture Local History of Karad  Mr.Mansing Kumthekar 08/12/2022
4 Exhibition Historical rare weapons, Tools and Documents  Mr.Sadashiv Patil sondoli   08/12/2022
5 Guest Lecture To Create Awareness about the Indian Constitution  Mr.Ajit Pawar 26/11/2022
6 Group Discussion Sanvidhan Jagar                     - 29/04/2023
7 Bridge Course Travel And Tourism in  Maharashtra                      - 1/04/2023 to15/05/2023
8 Lecture Series 349th  Shivrajyabhishek Din Asst. Professor Sachin Bolaikar, Dr.Narayan Naik,  Yuvraj Kapse 6/06/2023




Title of Conference / Workshop / Seminar



Lead college /State/ National/ International



Revised Syllabus Workshop

paper no 7and paper no 12





A Study of Non-Cooperation Movement in Maharashtra 19/03/2021

Lead college


Ajay Tanaji Chavan selected in the Mumbai Police Force.

  • A Value Added Course on Cultural Heritage of Maharashtra.
  • A Certificate courses in Introduction of ‘MoDi Script’.


  1. 70% Result.

  2. Sufficient qualified, motivated NET, SET and other competent faculty with a blend of high experience and young and energetic dynamism.

  3. Participation in Seminars, workshops and conferences

  4. Effective teaching-learning process design approach of practice oriented with special emphasis on learning with teachers as facilitators.

  5. Well-equipped library with sufficient number of books.

  6. We have personal Library with 350 above History Books & Supporting weaker students through remedial & tutorial classes.


  • Poor communication skills in both verbal and non- verbal.

  • Limited job-opportunities.

  • Deteriorating students' strength.

  • Limited scope to introduce various combinations.

  • The majority of the students come from Poor-Socio- Economic background and they may not have good academic background.


  • More scope to use modern technology aids in teaching learning programs.

  • Communication and other skill development programs for students.

  • To train and counsel students to become more employable.


  • More drop-outs due to early marriages, and after the pandemic period. Attracting qualitative students because there are three more colleges in the town.

  • Accepting and adopting and updating the technologies teaching and learning.

  • In recent time the number of students opting BA course is declining due to more professional colleges and encouragement to the technical courses.

mr.bolaikar_sachin_subhashName: Mr. Bolaikar Sachin Subhash

Qualification :M.A., NET

Experience : 15 Years




Name: Mr. Kapse Yuvraj Jagannath

Qualification :M.A., SET

Experience : 09 Years




Name: Ms. Kumbhar Priyanka Rajendra

Qualification :M.A., SET

Experience : 01 Years


Future Plans:

  • To conduct more number of syllabus oriented seminars from the students.

  • To conduct life skill development programs regularly after the class hours.

  • To give various project work to develop the department.

  • To improve HISTORY HERITAGE lab with charts, models and inscription photos 50 to 80 years ancient vessels, ornaments, coins, etc.

  • To train the students for job opportunities.

  • To train the students for job opportunities in details (career guidance)

  • Every year conducting Historical Tour.

  • To organize International/National Level Seminar/Conference.

  • To publish Research proceeding in UGC care Listed Journal.

Best Practices:

  • Collection of Freedom Fighter information in Karad Taluka.
  • Writing of Local History.
  • Collection of MoDi Documents.

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