The NAAC Peer Team is visiting the College on 29th & 30th August, 2018 for the Assessment and Accreditation for the 3rd Cycle of accreditation.

Foundation Course for MPSC.
Certificate course in Yoga Study (U.G.C)
Certificate Course in Personality Development.
Bank Recruitment Course.
Certificate Course in Spoken English.

• Programmes

Arts Stream
Departments: i) Marathi ii) Hindi iii) English iv) History v) Political Science vi) Geography vii) Economics viii) Sociology
Commerce Stream
Departments: Commerce
Class wise Prgrammes available:
B.A. Part-I (Six Papers)
(A) Compulsory Papers I. English II. Marathi / Hindi
(B) Optional Papers
Group – A Marathi / Hindi / English
Group – B Economics / Psychology
Group – C Geography / Political Science
Group – D History / Sociology
Details regarding the selection of the Programmes are given in the syllabus / prospectus of the college.
B.A. Part II - ( Seven Papers)
(A) Compulsory Papers I. English
II. Environmental Science.
III. Inter Disciplinary Subject ( I.D.S.)
1. Logic
2. History of Social Reforms in Maharashtra
3. Geography of Tourism.
( B.)Optional Papers - ( Each has two Papers – II &III )
Group - 1. History / Psychology / Sociology
Group - 2. Economics/ Geography / Political Science.
Group - 3. Marathi / Hindi / English
Details regarding the selection of the Programmes are given in the syllabus / prospectus of the college.
B.A. III – (Six Papers)
A.) Compulsory Paper: 1. English
B.) Special subjects ( Five Papers of Each)
i) Marathi ( ii) Hindi (iii) English (iv) Economics (v) History (vi) Political Science (viii) Sociology (viii) Geography.
Commerce Stream : Part – I (Six Papers)
i) Business Communication - I (English )
ii) Insurance
iii) Principles of Business Management
iv) Business Economics ( Paper – I )
v) Principles of Marketing
vi) Financial Accounting. : Part – II (Seven Papers)
i) Business Communication – II (English)
ii) Business Statistics
iii) Corporate Accounting
iv) Business Economics
v) Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
vi) Money and Financial Systems.
vii) Environmental Science. : Part – III (Six Papers)
i) Co-operative Development
ii) Business Environment
iii) Business Regulatory Framework
iv) Modern Management Practice
v) Advanced Accountancy ( Paper – I)
vi) Advanced Accountancy ( Paper – II)


The Admission procedure strictly follow s the rules and regulations stipulated by the Govt. of Maharashtra and Shivaji University, Kolhapur. The schedule of the admission and rules for it are highlighted on the website of the University. The required notices and circulars are placed on the Notice Board for the information of the students. The advertisement regarding the same is published through Digital Boards and new s –papers. Sometimes, it is also published on the local cable network.
As ours is the only institution / college of co-education catering to the collegiate educational needs of the students in the vicinity of Karad, this institution/ college aims at giving admission to all the needy and budding students coming for the same. The Admission Committee is appointed by the Principal. It provides counseling to the students and parents. It cares for them and tries not even a single student should be throw n out of the educational stream.
The prospectus of the college consisting all the necessary information, instructions are made available to the students. It contains the structure of the programmes available with us, necessary, instruction about the reservations, rules for eligibility, facilities available, reservation norms, fee structure, various committees, and scholarships available.

Details of programmes offered by the institution

Name of the
Duration Entry
Medium of
A Under-graduate Courses
1 B.A. Part-I 3 Years H.S.C Marathi 280
Part-II 120
Part-III 120
2 B.Com Part-I 3 Years H.S.C Marathi 120
Part-II 120
Part-III 120
B Post Graduate Courses
1 B.J.C --- 1 Year Graduation Marathi 30
C Certificate Courses
1 Rural Journalism -- 6 Months --- Marathi 60
2 Yoga Study (U.G.C. Sponsored) --- 1 Year   H.S.C Marathi  
3 Personality Development (Shivaji University,Kolhapur) -- 6 Months H.S.C Marathi 60
D Self-Financed
1 Spoken English   3 Months   English 30