The NAAC Peer Team is visiting the College on 29th & 30th August, 2018 for the Assessment and Accreditation for the 3rd Cycle of accreditation.

Foundation Course for MPSC.
Certificate course in Yoga Study (U.G.C)
Certificate Course in Personality Development.
Bank Recruitment Course.
Certificate Course in Spoken English.


For the Internal Quality Assurance Cell as per the guidelines of NAAC, w e have Internal Quality Assurance Cell to observe all the activities of the college and maintain the Quality Enhancement.

Name Designation
Principal Dr.J.S.Patil Chairperson
Dr.J.A.Mhetre Coordinator
Dr.A.A.Karande Management representative
Shri S.S.Thorat Administrative Officer
Shri C.D.Gadkari Administrative Officer
Prof.M.V.Patil Teachers’ representative
Prof.A.B.kanase Teachers’ representative
Prof.D.G.Mohite Teachers’ representative
Prof.S.S.Desai Teachers’ representative
Prof.S.S.Bolaikar Teachers’ representative
Prof.S.D.Kamble Teachers’ representative
Mr.Nitin Dhapare Students’and Alumi -Nominee
Mrs.Vijaya Patil; Local Society- Nominee
Adv.S.D.Patil Stakeholer - Nominee
Mr.Gunwantrao Jadhav Industrialist-Nominee