The NAAC Peer Team is visiting the College on 29th & 30th August, 2018 for the Assessment and Accreditation for the 3rd Cycle of accreditation.

Foundation Course for MPSC.
Certificate course in Yoga Study (U.G.C)
Certificate Course in Personality Development.
Bank Recruitment Course.
Certificate Course in Spoken English.

• Gymkhana

To motivate students to participate in sports activities and to create aw areness regarding healthy life, variety of programmes and competitions are arranged in the Shri. Swami Vivekanand Jayanti Saptah (12th. January to 19th January every year) by the gymkhana Physical Director, the gymkhana committee and the sports representative of Students Council organize various sports activities.
The college has a small play ground. Besides, w e organize some of our games on the ground of Liberty Mazdoor Mandal Karad. The follow ing games are played on it & Shivaji Stadium: Volley ball, Cricket etc. All the atheletic games are played on our ground and Liberty Mazdoor Mandal, Karad. The Players are instructed for Physical/Mental fitness, Stress Management, Mind Management, diet, and practice.
The successful and hard w orking sportspersons are given various incentives like cash amount for diet, blazers, TShirts, Tracksuits, trophies etc. every year.
• Ours Achievements in Sports Activity 2013-14
Sr.No Name Game Level Rank/ Participation
1 Pawar Samrat Sarjerao  (B.A.III) Weight Lifting Inter Zonal 1st
2 Kadam Aniket Kundalik  (B.A.-I) Weight Lifting All India Level Participation
3 Chorage Maruti Baburao (B.A.III) Cricket National Cricket Participation
4 Kumbhar Amar Chandrakant (B.A.-I) Wrestling Zonal 1st
5 Mohite Akshay Sambhaji  (B.A.-I) Wrestling Zonal 2nd
6 Mane Rushikesh Ashok  (B.A.-I) Wrestling Zonal 3rd
• 2014-15
Sr.No Name Game Level Rank/ Participation
1 Kadam Aniket Kundalik  (B.A.-I) Weight Lifting All India Level 6th
2 Miss.Salunkhe Snehal Bajirao (B.A.I) Wrestling All India Level Participation
3 Mulani Sahil Dilawar (B.A.I) Tykondo State Level Gold Medal
4 Yadav Sagar Netball State Level Gold Medal
5 Yadav Eknath (B.A.I) Tug of War National Level Silver Medal