The NAAC Peer Team is visiting the College on 29th & 30th August, 2018 for the Assessment and Accreditation for the 3rd Cycle of accreditation.

Foundation Course for MPSC.
Certificate course in Yoga Study (U.G.C)
Certificate Course in Personality Development.
Bank Recruitment Course.
Certificate Course in Spoken English.
Founder and Promoter of Shri.Swami Vivekanand Shikshan Sanstha Govind(alias Bapuji) Salunkhe, a child prodigy, was born on 9th June 1919, at Ramapur (Patan), Dist. Satara(Maharashtra). This little angel and godchild of goddess Saraswati was born with purpose.
His childhood was not cozy and protected period of his life. It was a tough test to test his mettle and a warning of calamitous life that awaited him in the years to come. As he lost both his parents in his early childhood, life for him w as no less than a battle-field. He completed his primary education at Ramapur and thereafter, left his native place in pursuit of future education. It was God’s grace and compassion of kind-hearted masses that helped him to survive disastrous early life. As a secondary school student, he lived on junk food and charity and studied hard in gentle and dim light of oil lamps lit in temples. Further, he completed B.A in 1945 and B.T in 1949 without seeking any financial assistance. This time-tested and promising youth exhibited amazing skill and gave scholarly performance in the subjects Sanskrit and Mathematics. These skills awakened the teacher within him. Influenced by the principles and thinking of Mahatma Gandhi, he practiced a very simple life-style enriched with noble and high thinking. This earned him a reverential nickname ‘’Bapuji’’ which continued to be his identity throughout his life.
Bapuji spent all his life and left no stone unturned in not only educating but giving refinement, culture and character to educationally deprived society. His contribution in the field of mass education and spread of education w as so highly respected and appreciated that people started lovingly addressing him as ‘Shikshanmaharshi’. The government of Maharashtra honored him with ‘Dalitmitra’ (1985) while Shivaji University, Kolhapur conferred on him a highly coveted honorary D.Litt. (1986).


Prin.Mrs.Shubhangi Gawade Secretary
Prin.Dr.Abaykumar Salunkhe President